Eyvindur Karlsson

Hi. My name is Eyvindur (or Eyvi for short) and I'm an Icelandic singer-songwriter, actor, director, comedian, author, translator, podcaster and all around creative person. If you want to have me on your show, come on mine, suggest a collaboration or anything along those lines, this page should have all the info you need.

Below you'll find a questionnaire for prospective guests, and my calendar for booking an appointment - keep in mind that booking a slot is not a guarantee, and that I require all guests of my podcast to fill out the questionnaire.

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Who am I?

Well, I'm an Icelandic singer-songwriter. I work in theater a lot, as a songwriter, performer, actor and director. I record and release music, and do as much live performing as possible. 

I'm a published author and very experienced translator.

I have run my own businesses for 15 years, including translation service, copywriting service, a tour company, a brewery and more.

I have battled with depression and anxiety, and come out the other side a much stronger person. Over the past few years I have been quite outspoken about mental health, especially when it comes to creative people. Creativity and mental health is something I've done podcasts on and given live talks about.

I have studied literature, theater directing and am currently working on a masters degree in marketing and international commerce.


I started the Artemist podcast to teach myself and others how to make more money and serve more people as an artist and creative person. I talk about some of the things I know, and bring on experts in the things I'm not as great at, to teach me and the listeners.

I am passionate about community

Part of what I want to do is to foster a community of creative entrepreneurs. My dream is to bring together as many creatives as I can to create a community where people with different backgrounds and different expertise can help each other out.


Follow Me Podcast - Icelandic Stories

I have a small tour company called Follow Me, and we also have a podcast where we tell funny Icelandic stories.


I am a singer-songwriter, and I've done a lot of work in theater. Here's a sample of my work.

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I am a great guest!

I tell funny stories, I have great tips for artists and creatives, I can talk about creativity, mindset, mental health, music, songwriting, Icelandic folklore, you name it. And if you want me to play some music, I can totally do that.

If you want to book me, my calendar is below. You can book a slot there, although it is subject to approval. If you are looking to be a guest on my podcast, please scroll down for the podcast guest questionnaire. 

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