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We help artists approach their craft like a business

There are countless resources for entrepreneurs online, but when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur it gets trickier. At Artemist, we aim to create and gather resources for all kinds of creatives to stay creative, make more money, serve more people and make a bigger impact. We do actual research into how we can best serve artists, and base our offerings on real data.

Creative Inspiration

We strive to help artists stay active and creative, by any means, and in order to do that we provide daily creative prompts and inspirational activities, on our site and social media.

Business and Marketing

Look, we're artists. We tend to suck at business. Which is why Artemists make an effort to learn and educate other creatives on the business and marketing side, because that's how you make a living.


We connect artists within our community, with some very specific goals in mind. We know that artists within the same discipline can learn from each other, and we also know that artists from different communities often need each other. So we aim to accomplish both.

We teach

The Artemist Podcast

Icelandic singer-songwriter and marketer Eyvindur Karlsson runs the Artemist Podcast, which is all about marketing, business, creativity and inspiration for any kind of artist. He interviews experts in their field and shares his own experiences, processes and insights.

Free Resources

On this website you can find a lot of free information, including the podcast, blog posts and free downloads to help you on your artistic journey.

Online Courses

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Mastermind Community

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why we do it

We’re on a journey together

Artemist was founded by Eyvindur Karlsson, a singer-songwriter, novelist, comedian and entrepreneur who has used it as a vehicle for his own education, and to educate others. This web site is all about the process of learning from each other. We take the academic approach to solving artists' problems and share the results.

We want to start a community

We believe that artists and creatives prosper together, not in competition. We want to bring creatives of different disciplines together to create a strong community, where we all benefit from each other's different perspectives and expertise.

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